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= Theme for Lent Term 2016 = = Theme for Michaelmas Term 2016 =
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Throughout the term we will be considering the fact that the bible we read is a translation that is hundreds and even thousands of years old, from a language and culture that most of us know little if anything about. Even without the historical issues this raises (which we will also consider), does this mean that God's message has lost something since it was first recorded? If so, is there a way in which we can read the bible to discover these lost meanings? Fundamentally, we will be asking how the Word of God is relevant to people in different times and places, and yet also in all times and places.
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== MethSoc Revue - 21st February - 7:30 pm ==

A light hearted evening of activities which, if pushed, could be loosely described as a variety show. Held in the upper room at Wesley. Free to watch but donations will go towards our yearly charity. Nibbles will be available in the refectory before we start the show.

Theme for Michaelmas Term 2016

Weekly Bible Study - Mondays at 8pm


MethSoc Events

Termly Business Meeting – TBA

An opportunity to have your say about the activities of the society and to vote for members of the committee.

Regular calendar

Every Sunday in Full Term


Morning Worship

Wesley Methodist Church

Immediately after service

Coffee with congregation

The Refectory, Wesley Methodist Church


Evening Service

Wesley Methodist Church

Mondays in Full Term


Main Methsoc meeting

Upper Room, Wesley Church

Fridays in Full Term


Friday Night Social

location and activity announced by e-mail each week

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