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Welcome to MethSoc!

Cambridge Student Methodist Society (or MethSoc) is a welcoming, friendly group of Christian students who meet for worship, fellowship, and study, with much emphasis on faith and fun!

We do this through various events - our weekly bible study, talks with speakers, end-of-term retreats, and other regular social meet-ups, including formal halls, punting and cinema trips.

The society serves students - undergraduate and graduate - of all the colleges of the University of Cambridge, as well as of Anglia Ruskin University. MethSoc is open to anyone of any denomination or none, not just Methodists!

In MethSoc you will find many different personalities, and together we manage to get through the madness that inevitably faces students at university (adding a little madness of our own along the way!).

The best way to sample what MethSoc has to offer is to come along to some of our events. Everyone is very welcome - we would love to see you!

Feel free to contact the President for more information, or if you have any queries. Or see our Facebook group!

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