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(Victoria Avenue) or east (Newmarket Road). Be prepared for busy traffic (Victoria Avenue) or east (Maid's Causeway/Newmarket Road). Be prepared for busy traffic

Information for NMSC Attendees

Travel info

The conference is open 4pm on Friday 15th February, but feel free to arrive later than this as we understand that attendees with arrive at different times.

Arriving by train

Wesley Methodist Church is a 30 minute walk or a short bus ride from Cambridge railway station. Turn left out of the station, cross the road, and take the Citi 1, 3, 7, 8, A, B or green Park&Ride bus to the bus station. Wesley is a few minutes walk away.

If you are walking from the station, head in a straight line out of the station until the War Memorial at the end of the road, turn right, and you'll be walking towards the city centre.

Arriving by bus

Long distance coaches stop at Parkside coach stops which are a few minutes walk from Wesley



Parking in Cambridge is terrible - if you can, don't even try. There are Park & Ride sites, of which the Madingley/Newmarket Road and Trumpington buses operate on Sundays, but there is no overnight parking

Some suggestions for free on-street parking are to consider Barton Road and the streets to the south, the area behind Robinson College (Adams Road, Herschel Road, Wilberforce Road) and the streets off Mill Road on the opposite side of the railway line from the city centre, but be prepared to drive around for some time before finding a space, and always check the restriction plate. Each of these is about half an hour's walk from Wesley.

To reach Wesley by car, take the ring road and approach from the north (Victoria Avenue) or east (Maid's Causeway/Newmarket Road). Be prepared for busy traffic between 3 and 7pm on Friday!

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